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NEW!  Guitar Pick Paracord Necklaces




Bone Tri Tip  Pick - $9.99

Bone Tri Tip Pick w/Paracord Necklace $19.99



Coconut Husk Tri Tip Pick - $9.99

Coconut Husk Pick w/Paracord Necklace - $19.99



Buffalo Horn Tear Drop Pick - $9.99

Buffalo Horn Pick w/Paracord Necklace - $19.99




 Customer Reviews:


- "Hey, I wanted to let you know I got my pick, and after playing with it all weekend, I have to say it is my favorite that I have. Grips great and sounds great! Thank you very much!


- "Mario. Thanks for the bone pick. The workmanship is great and the tone is more articulate and clearer than the John Pearse heavy casein resin picks I have been using."

King Cormack 


Best pick ever! Will be back for more.

Ebay member 



-"Yep I love them. Wow!"
Michael McCormick


 "These are very  well made. I think I like the tri-tip the best. They all feel good though. They tend to evoke a more 'woody' attack. Also maybe a thicker sound."

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Severinsteel - TGP member/professional musician



"Got my picks today. They play and feel great with an acoustic archtop. I like a thick pick that has no bend to it at all and these are perfect. And the tone is so much more dynamic than thick plastic. Absolutely love them. I will try them out with my electrics tonight. I have a feeling I have a new favorite pick."

TGP member



"Mario, All I can say is WOW! You were right.... Your picks make all my guitars sound better. I love the way they feel too. Thank you for such a great product and the super fast shipping. Cheers!"




 "Got mine and it is excellent!! Sounds and feels good in the hand."

TGP member



"I just wanted to say thank you for the beautifully crafted picks. I'm really enjoying them. I've been playing with the standard tear drop pick for a week now and I cant put it down. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a piece of gear. The tone is so much richer and picking is super accurate. Its really amazing the difference a pick can make. Thanks again!" 




"Mario, I brought your picks with me to the studio last weekend and everyone agreed that the tone from your picks was exceptional.  Super clean, crisp and clear.  I appreciate that the edges are nicely beveled and the tips are sharp just the way I like them.  I was able to pick even the fastest licks without any problems. Bottom line, I'm really impressed. Great picks man! "

 Sean Martin - Pro Guitarist


"Mario, I didn't believe a pick could make this much of a difference.I've been playing the guitar for many years and I have collected all sorts of other picks, but none of them sound and feel as nice as yours. I already told all my friends about your picks. Thank you again for such a great product and the fast and friendly service."




" You really do a great job of shaping the picks so its really easy to pick fast. I also noticed a huge improvement in my tone. Everything I play sounds clearer and more articulate. I'm really amazed.

 Chris Matteson - Pro Guitarist