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The Percoco Custom Shop proudly introduces the Model 1916 "Jennie". Classically inspired by Mario's own family roots.  A one piece aged black Korina body paired with a roasted maple neck provide incredible sustain and an open clarity that's noticeable even when unplugged. The hand rubbed oil finish retains the instruments natural vintage look, amazing feel and woody tone. A buffalo horn nut and highly polished stainless steel frets are glued in to add to the instruments sustain and clarity. Add in the incredibly clear and dynamic Lindy Fralin pickups, wired to a 4 way switch, and you've got a variety of inspiring tones for whatever style of music you play.

$2200.00 (Includes Hardcase)



The Percoco Custom Shop proudly introduces the Model 1918 "Frank". Classically inspired by Mario's own family roots. A one piece aged and roasted swamp ash body paired with a roasted maple neck and fingerboard provide an incredible amount of resonance, clarity and sustain. The hand rubbed oil finish retains the woods natural vintage look, amazing feel and woody tone. A handmade bone nut and highly polished stainless steel frets are glued in to retain the instruments sustain and clarity. Vintage style locking tuners keep everything perfectly in tune. The Lindy Fralin Blues Special pickups are incredibly dynamic, rich, open and clear. The addition of a blender pot gives you the ability to blend the neck and bridge pickups as well as use all three pickups together for a variety of inspiring tones.

  $2400.00 (Includes Hardcase)


Percoco Custom Shop guitars are meticulously crafted in the USA  


Handpicked premium aged woods.

Unparalleled resonance, sustain and clarity. 

Collectible masterpieces that feel as comfortable as home.



More Guitar Models Coming Soon...


Demo guitars are available to try out at the shop. Please call ahead.

Want something different? Want to spec out your own custom guitar? Give me a call or email to discuss the possibilities.


*Photos do not depict the actual guitar you will receive. Every guitar is built to order and each piece of wood is unique.