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"The difference is in the details and the details make all the difference."


Expert Guitar Repair

Setup, Restorations & Upgrades

Specializing in acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and other stringed instruments. Below is a list of some common setup, repairs and upgrades. Call or email for quotes on anything not listed below.



** No Drop Off Needed Quick Restring, Fret Buff & Detail  $25

​Done while you wait. Recommended if your guitar was just recently setup here and you just need a quick string change.  Includes restringing, stretch and tune, quick cleaning/detail and fret buffing. Strings are extra. 12 strings and mandolin add $5, Vibrato Add $5, Floyd Rose Add $10



**Recommended Custom Shop Package

​Acoustic Guitar: Starting at $245  Electric Guitar: Starting at $205

​ 1. Handmade bone nut (Acoustic guitars include handmade bone saddle, compensated for improved intonation) Bone is a much more efficient transmitter of string energy and offers better high to low end balance with punchier bass and crisper highs, increased sustain, harmonics, clarity, and volume. Bone is also a much harder and denser material than plastic and will last much longer. 

2. Clamp and glue frets. Factory fret jobs are often loose and poorly finished. Most guitars frets are poorly pressed in at the factory without any adhesive to hold them in. The slots are often too big and the frets can come loose. Clamping and gluing in the frets will create a fuller sound with more resonance and sustain and prevent the frets from coming loose in the future.

3. Precision fret leveling, crowning and polishing. This will level the frets to allow for low action, minimize fret buzz, eliminate fret divots, scratches and reshape the frets for an amazing feel. The final polishing process results in extremely smooth frets that are easy to play and bend on.

4. Complete precision setup.



  Precision Setup  Starting at $50 

   Guitars are generally made of wood and wood is affected by temperature and humidity changes. The wood in your guitar will change over time, parts will wear and will routinely need adjustments (setups) along the way to keep it playing and sounding its best. With a precision setup you can expect improved sound, less buzz, lower action (string height), improved playability, intonation and tuning stability. 

All instruments should be inspected and setup when first purchased. Even the most expensive guitars can have issues right out of the box. After the initial setup I recommend a setup at least twice a year.

You spend hundreds or thousands on your gear. Don't neglect the most important part.


Precision Setup Includes: 

  • Detailed inspection of entire instrument
  • Inspect & set truss rod relief & lubricate truss rod nut
  • Inspect, file & polish nut slots for proper action and string gauge
  • Inspect, file & polish saddle(s) for optimal string height, radius, intonation and gauge
  • Lubricate tuners and other parts 
  •  Tighten all screws
  • Clean, polish & oil fret board (oil if needed)
  • Install strings, tune and stretch
  • Set up vibrato (when equipped)
  • Clean and lubricate pots and switches (electric)
  • Inspect & adjust pickup and pole piece heights (electric)

 12 strings add $5,Vibrato Bridges (ie: Strats) Add $5, Locking Nut Floyd Vibratos Add $15



**Best Mod for a Strat!  Super Strat Mod $60

The Super Strat Mod replaces a tone control with a blender pot, which gives you the ability to blend the pickups to achieve new tones. You can blend the neck and bridge pickups as well as getting all three. You can blend all the pickups together by choosing either position 2 or 4 and playing with the blender pot. 



Fret & Fingerboard Polishing  $35

 The polishing process results in extremely smooth frets and fingerboard that are easy to play and bend on. 


Complete Refrets Starting at $300

Includes new frets, handmade bone nut, fingerboard leveling, fret level, crown and polish and precision setup.



Bone Nut and Compensated Bone Saddle $140 

  Upgrade your tone with bone!

Includes bone nut and saddle fabrication, installation and  precision setup.  Bone is the preferred material used in most high end and custom instruments and is a much more efficient transmitter of string energy to the top of the guitar. It offers a better high to low end balance, with punchier bass and crisper highs, increased sustain, harmonics, clarity, and volume.   Strings are extra. $165 for 12 string instruments.



Bone Nut & Setup $100

Includes bone nut fabrication and precision setup.

Twelve string bone nut. $110



Bone Saddle & Setup  $90

   Includes bone saddle (compensated for proper intonation) fabrication and a precision setup.



   Fret Level, Crown, Polish & Precision Setup  Starting at $150

 Whether your guitar is brand new or used, frets that are not level, loose or worn cause many common issues such as excessive buzzing, loss of sustain, dead notes and make playing difficult. Includes clamping and gluing the frets, fret level, crown, polish and precision setup.



Dunlop Strap Locks $25

Protect your investment. Strap locks prevent your strap from coming loose so you don't drop your guitar by accident. Includes Dunlop straplocks and installation.  



Acoustic Guitar Bridge Replacement Starting at $120

  Remove and replace acoustic guitar bridge. Parts extra.



Pickup Swaps/Installations Starting at $25

Pickups and parts extra. Price is per pickup.



        Tuner Swap/Installations Starting at $15

           Higher price for tuners that require widening of peg holes or other modification. Tuners are not included.                                  



Crack Repairs

Stop by for a quote.



Rush fee $50