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- "Hey Mario, I played two gigs this weekend and the guitars were outstanding. Thanks again. The blender pot worked great and the setup on both was good too. Played a Stones tribute at Navy Pier for one of the gigs and the open g and slide stuff I did worked really nice. Awesome job!"



- "That guitar rocks!!! The neck is amazing. The body is comfortable sitting or standing and the pick-ups are awesome. Plugged into a cranked Deluxe Reverb is sonic heaven! Thank you, Mario! Best guitar I have. Sorry Gibson and Fender!"
​- "​If you want a custom Tele or Strat, see Mario!! Seriously, see Mario!"
​Keith Porlier, Guitarist for Lil Red & the Howlin Wolves, Guitar: Percoco Custom Shop "Jennie".


-"I've been playing the Takamine that you setup and its like a new guitar. It never sounded this good. The chords and notes sustain so much better. Thank you for fixing it, I would highly recommend you.



-"Hey Mario, you had repaired my 1974 Greek Bouzouki last winter. I just wanted to let you know that your repairs are still spot on! Its never sounded better and you made it look brand new again. I appreciate your service and your speedy turn around time, especially during the Christmas holiday. I tell everyone about your great service!



- "Hey thanks for the great work on my new Taylor! It sounds and plays super nice with my custom pickup installation, I will gladly recommend you to all my musician friends!

John Boda -


- "Mario, Thank you for the great job you did on my ES-295 guitar. The new frets play wonderful and the neck adjustment is great. My bridge pickup is now in the right "magnetic zone" and I now have my main guitar back in service. I will let all my guitar friends know about your amazing craftsmanship and I'm sure I have some future projects to bring you.

David Molinari 


- "I gave Mario my 20 year old Epiphone FT 150 acoustic guitar to setup. I tried miserably myself, for the past year. The action was so poor I could not bar chord after the 5th fret. What I got back was a Gibson playing $1000 + guitar. The action is unbelievable and now I can bar all the way to the 12th fret. I gave him my new Alvarez AG70CE that I just purchased. Cant wait to see how he masters that one!! Do yourself a favor...let Mario set it up!!!"



- "This is the best that this guitar has played since I bought it from my life long teacher many years ago. I did not pay much for it but it is so much fun to play now I am amazed. I've been playing it all night and haven't had to tune. Great job."

Mike Q


- "Hey Mario, I got a chance to put in some time with the Strat today and wanted to drop a line and say thanks for doing such a great job. It plays fantastic and is set up perfectly - exactly how I like it. Really happy with the results and worth every penny. Its nice to find someone who does such high quality work. "



 "Mario-just wanted to say thanks for the very fine job you did on the setup for my Gretsch 5420. The Playability and intonation are great and the pickups now sound nicely balanced with your adjustments. Well done!"



Hey Mario, I know I was singing your praises when I left but I am even more ecstatic now man. This is flat out the best setup and feel of any guitar I have ever played. It plays and sounds so much better. Bends are clear and articulate. My hats off to you and see you soon with that bass.



- "Mario did a phenomenal job on my custom electric. I like my setup done a very specific way, and Mario took the time to listen to my needs and then worked on the guitar until I was completely satisfied. I couldn't wait to get home and plug it in. 

D.M. Atherton 


- "Knowledgeable, fast, and friendly service! Mario's setup work on my instruments made a world of difference. Highly recommended!   

Tom Solino 


- "Hey Mario, got to put the Tele through its paces this morning, plays and sounds great!"



- "Excellent work, knowledgeable, and friendly. I have been taking my gear to Mario for a long time now and he always does great work. It's his attention to detail that I feel sets him apart from the rest of the shops around here."



- "I had Mario swap out two Gibson pickups for the stock cheapie Fender pickups in a MIM HH strat. He not only installed them, he routed the cavity to better fit the pickups, set-up the guitar to perfection, and generally made the guitar SO MUCH BETTER. I basically have a new guitar. Mario is excellent with communications, his price is fair, and his work is great. "  




- "The Guitar Workshop is the only place I will bring my guitars. Mario always provides exceptional service, and the best set-ups and fretwork around."




- "I brought two guitars, an old SG special and a classical acoustic, for an over due check up. Each one had problems and each one came out better than new.  I'm very pleased with the quality of service and the warm welcome I received at Mario's  door. I recommend Mario's services because the years of experience are far more evident than what you'll find at Guitar Center or the like."




- "If you need guitar work done Mario is THE guy to go to. I've brought most of my large collection of guitars in for various repairs and upgrades and Mario's work has always  been amazing. I highly recommend The Guitar Workshop."




- "It's great to have Guitar Workshop so close at hand. I teach guitar, and when I have a problem with a guitar, I can confidently continue to count on the personable, quick and expert service of  The Guitar Workshop."



- "I ordered a vintage reproduction bridge from for my Kay. Shipping was extremely fast, and the bridge was excellent quality. Much nicer than the one that I had on it previously. Great customer service and a real beautiful bridge. "



 - "Great work by Mario! I had many questions coming in and he answered all of them. My guitar has never played better and I have Mario's expertise to thank for it. He not only does the job well but he does it quickly. Thanks again for answering all of my questions and  doing such a nice set-up on my guitar.